Good news for harp players looking for bargain delay, reverb, and amp modeling FX: I’m working now on patch sets for the Digitech RP150/155. I’m converting some of my best patches for the Digitech RP250/255/350/355 for this purpose, so the first Huntersounds RP150/155 release will take advantage of everything I’ve learned on the higher-end RPs.


The RP150/155 devices are not as flexible and FX-loaded as the RP255/355, and they completely lack a footpedal, so they can’t be taken to the same limits as their big brothers. Accordingly, I’m going to focus these sets on the bread-and-butter needs of blues, rock, and country harp players, with amp-modeled patches using the most frequently-requested FX, such as octave doubling and rotary speaker (Leslie), plus a variety of delay and reverb patches for those folks who think a topnotch reverb + delay box for less than $100 is a great deal in itself. (The RP150/155 contains almost all the delays, and ALL the reverbs, found in the higher-end RPs, and you can use both delay and reverb at the same time. Not bad for under $100.)

These sets will retail for $25, and I expect them to be available through as well as my website at Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, read what people are saying about our patch sets for the Digitech RP250/255/350/355.