The post below is copied verbatim (with permission) from a message by renowned harmonica player Steve Baker to the Harp-L list. We agree with Steve that it’s important news for harmonica players. His message follows.

Steve Baker

In an unprecedented step for a major harmonica manufacturer, Hohner has released a whole series of professional quality harmonica service videos aimed at the player which have now been uploaded to the links below.

Demonstrated by Gabriela Hand, head of chromatic harmonica manufacture in Trossingen and presented by myself (Steve Baker), these HD videos provide detailed information on many major aspects of harmonica maintenance and also introduce the new Hohner Instant Workshop toolset, designed to enable easy reed replacement in addition to all other maintenance operations covered in the videos. The overall concept is the brainchild of Hohner Service Department head Michael Timler and the official launch will take place at NAMM.

Though primarily dealing with the chromatic harmonica, many of the subjects covered in the videos such as tuning, centering, reed offsetting or reed replacement are applicable to all types of harmonica and will undoubtedly be equally useful for diatonic players. The tools and techniques presented here will also be invaluable for harmonica technicians and may well revolutionize harmonica repair by rendering it accessible to everyman. In an era where more and more commodities are seen as being disposable, it’s a welcome sign that things don’t always have to be throwaway!

Here are the links to the individual videos: