Grant Dermody is one of our favorite harp players, with great chops and a pile of excellent recordings in a wide range of roots-based styles on his resume. We got a message from Grant this morning to the effect that he’s getting set to record some roots music with a band in Louisiana, and he’s looking for donations to fund the project.

Grant Dermody
Grant Dermody

We’re planning to donate to this project ourselves, and we hope you will too. Here are the details, straight from Grant:

I wanted to let you know that I have just launched a new fundraising campaign, through Indiegogo, for my newest recording project; The Louisiana Sessions.

I start recording this January at Dirk Powell’s studio in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Dirk will be wearing the engineer hat for the project as well as playing on all the songs and tunes.

Orville Johnson will also join us on every track. Cedric Watson will play fiddle on the Old Time and Cajun tunes and Rich Del Grosso will play mandolin on the Country Blues songs. Dirk and Orville and I will produce the record.

My last two CDs each took over two years to complete. Doing them that way, a song at a time, for a few hundred bucks, with some down time in between, was doable financially.

Since I am playing with four musicians this time, instead of twenty-five plus, I have to record the whole CD in two, three or four day sessions.

I am playing with the best musicians available to make the best record I can. To pay them what they are worth is expensive. They all need to be paid all at once, as does the engineer. Then there is travel and lodging, and all this adds up in a hurry. This is why I need your help.

I am ready to create new music that is strong and joyful and deep. I have written a bunch of new songs and tunes. It is time for me to make an excellent record with great players in the musical mecca of Louisiana.

Please contribute what you can at one of the links below. I also need you, please, to pass this information on to anyone and everyone you know who might be interested in helping. It takes a village, and not just the people in the village that I know! or

We can’t wait to hear this new project. Check it out, and be part of it: help Grant with a donation.