Neil Warren is the 2011 National Harmonica League (UK) Rock and Blues winner. He bought a license for our RP355 patch set last year, and he’s taken a big step recently. We’ll let Neil speak for himself:

Hi Richard,
there I was saying I couldn’t see myself using some of the more out-there effects on the RP355, then someone asked me to do a short little piece to go onto their website. A little playing with your latest patch set, and using the looping and overdub features of the RP355, I mixed the attached.

My first attempt at such harmonica technical wizardy, and I enjoyed myself, a lot! Will have to do more…

Here’s Neil’s piece. It’s short and to the point, and it illustrates something very cool about our patch sets: because the tones are so full of character, and the characters are so varied, you can layer them up in lots of different ways without obscuring the individual tones. In other words, you can make an ensemble that’s full of color and depth–all with your harmonica and an RP with our tones in it.

“Insurgent” by Neil Warren (copyright 2013 by Neil Warren, all rights reserved; used by permission)

We’re delighted that Neil shared this with us, and we’re especially pleased that he had so much fun putting this piece together. So for those of you out there who are using our Digitech RP patches to make traditional sounds: that’s great! Now try something different. You’ll be glad.