I played the Timberline in Victor, Idaho on Friday July 27 with Brian Maw and a band that included djembe and saxophone, and it was a great gig. Brian’s material is still new to me, and I’m thinking at this point in terms of arrangements: what sounds from the harp, at what points, will bring out the big emotions in the songs. I improvised a number of arrangements on this gig that worked well for the songs, and I had a very good night as soloist too. The band sounded great overall; in particular, the djembe put a surprisingly big drum groove under everything, and did so without overwhelming the acoustic guitar. The repertoire was cool, and the jamming was plentiful.

I’m really enjoying my performances this summer. I love the way my rig sounds; the way I sound with the Fireball and the Digitech RP355 is the way I dreamed of sounding for years. I can produce startling, beautiful sounds quickly and easily; I never get bored with my sound. It’s inspiring to have that kind of power and glory onstage. And the players I’m working with are inspiring, too.

At this show I recorded video with my Flip and audio with my Zoom H4, and I’m working now on combining the two. Stay tuned for the goods.