This Friday I’m driving to Idaho, where I’ll spend the summer. My gear is already all packed up for the trip, with the exception of a few harmonicas. So for the next week I’ll be playing acoustic harmonica without an amp in sight.

Richard Hunter with Lowlands

It’s all very 19th-century, innit? I’m beginning to feel withdrawal symptoms already. What will I do without my pitch shifters and delays? How will I get louder than anything else in my world, which is what the amp does for me, without the amp? How did ANYONE survive the 19th century?

I’ll spend a few days in Idaho after my arrival there, during which time I expect to get the electric gear up and running and feed my habit, before I head off to Europe for 10 days. I’ll visit London, Dublin, and Stockholm, and hope to play plenty of music with friends there. And then I’ll be back to Idaho until the fall. I expect to do some performances of my new looper-supported solo material while I’m there, and perform as well with old friends. Stay tuned for details.