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Dark Blue Champ in action

I’ve recently released an amped-amp blues harp patch for the Digitech RP250/255/350/355 called Dark Blue Champ (DKBLCH). My brother Mark, who plays slide guitar, came to visit, and while he was here we did some sloppy recordings of us jamming. A clip from that jamming is below, and it gives you a good idea of what the Dark Blue Champ sounds like. This was played with a Fireball V mic, and it’s amazing how much grind is coming through that smooth mic. I love the way the tone changes when I play harder, just as it would with a “real” amp. The RP355 is amplified by a Peavey KB/A100 keyboard amp. I recorded it from a few feet away with the Zoom H4. I think it sounds pretty blue.

Dark Blue Champ (192 kbps mp3)

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the sounds we make for the Digitech RP 200/250/255/350/355, check out our store.

3 replies on “Dark Blue Champ in action”

I have purchased your list of patches for a RP200 (painful) and for RP355 (butter to install and upgrade). You’ve made my performances so much simplier, thank you so much. You say that your your brother plays slide, so do I, have you considered putting together a group of patches for him. Actually as I write this if I wasn’t so tired and the lil missus sleeping I’d be trying the my lapsteel thru the harp patches that you’ve already provided. I’ll let you know how it sounds, it maybe a new market for you.

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