I’ve recently released an amped-amp blues harp patch for the Digitech RP250/255/350/355 called Dark Blue Champ (DKBLCH). My brother Mark, who plays slide guitar, came to visit, and while he was here we did some sloppy recordings of us jamming. A clip from that jamming is below, and it gives you a good idea of what the Dark Blue Champ sounds like. This was played with a Fireball V mic, and it’s amazing how much grind is coming through that smooth mic. I love the way the tone changes when I play harder, just as it would with a “real” amp. The RP355 is amplified by a Peavey KB/A100 keyboard amp. I recorded it from a few feet away with the Zoom H4. I think it sounds pretty blue.

Dark Blue Champ (192 kbps mp3)

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