Left to right: Richard, Eli, Brian
This is a live recording of a performanceof Jack White’s song “7 Nation Army” at a private party on August 10, 2012 in Tetonia, Idaho. The performance features me on harmonica, Brian Maw on acoustic guitar and vocals, and Eli Preston on djembe. I recorded it using the 1/4″ inputs on my Zoom H4 fed by the monitor outputs on the PA.

I love this performance. With only three pieces, and only one of those electrified, we make a hell of a racket with a lot of vib on this tune. There’s no harp on the original recording, but I think harp sounds great on this, and the interplay between Brian, Eli, and me is strong. Okay, enough bragging. The harmonica is a standard tuning (I forget which key, sounds like an A or G from the timbre) played through an Audix Fireball mic into an RP355. I forget what patch I was running on the RP355, but it could have been the Dark Blue Champ. It was some kind of straight-up amped blues patch for sure. The RP355 went straight to the PA.

I’m leaving Idaho in a week, and I’ll be back throughout the fall and winter for gigs with this group. Stay tuned. In the meantime, dig.

Hunter-Maw-Preston “7 Nation Army” LIVE 10 AUG 2012