It took five days to drive a 16-foot truck loaded with household and musical gear to Idaho.  I’m here for the summer now with brief trips planned to Connecticut and Minnesota, the latter for SPAH 2010.  I’m glad to be here, where the temp is around 65 degrees fahrenheit, as opposed to Connecticut, where the temp yesterday was over 100.

I brought my rig with me to Idaho, and I’m working up new sounds with my current setup: 3 Digitech RP pedals (RP200, RP355, RP250) running to a small mixer, with the mixed output going to an RP255 that applies global effects like delay, reverb, pitch shift, etc.  I’m focusing on creating sounds with a big frequency range and lots of motion–sounds that say “listen up!”

I’ll have some samples of these new sounds available at my website soon, and the next WhyNow rehearsal (July 20) will be video’d.  So stay tuned.