Pat Missin is a UK-based harmonica technician and player whose modified and retuned instruments are used by some of the best players in the business. Pat’s incredible research into alternate tunings for diatonic harmonica is documented in his freeware publication Altered States, which to our knowledge is the most complete catalog of alternate tunings available anywhere.

We are certain that our readers will find this document to be thought-provoking at least! Using one or more of these tunings on your next gig may change your life. (Hey, it could happen.)

Note: readers who are undecided about alternate tunings may wish to check out the samples available at this site of Richard Hunter’s The Act of Being Free in One Act and The Second Act of Free Being, both of which make extensive use of off-the-shelf alternate tunings from Lee Oskar, including Natural Minor, Dorian Minor, Melody Maker, and Country (sharp draw 5 reed) tuning. Take it from me, the stuff works, it’s easy, and it lets you do things that can’t be done any other way.

Bookmark this page, then click here to go to Pat Missin’s website and download Altered States v2.1 (ZIPped file, about 34 KB).