I’ve been trying various configuration of multiple amp modelers lately. In these clips, I’m using a Digitech RP355 and a Zoom G2NU for the main sound generators, with a Digitech RP255 at the end of the FX chain.

I’ve been using Digitech amp modelers for a while now, and I wanted to see if a different make would add some flava. As it happens, the Zoom amp models are very crunchy, which I like, though they’re not as nuanced as the Digitechs. But working with both gives me a bigger palette, and I find that the Zoom has a tough edge to its sound that’s very good for certain things. I’m also learning lessons from the Zoom that I can apply to the Digitechs (like, for example, don’t ignore the EchoPlex delay model in the Digitechs).

I’m playing through a Bottle o’ Blues mic in these clips. The RP355 is running a Matchless amp model with a perfect 4th down added. The G2NU is running a Bassman amp model with a low octave added. Both are routed through a Behringer UB802 mixer and combined for input to the RP255 at the end of the FX chain, which is running a flanger. You couldn’t do what I’m doing in these clips with less than two FX boxes, though I’m finding that managing three at once is a bit of a challenge. The RP255 output goes to a Digitech JamMan Solo looper, and that’s plugged into a Peavey KB/A 100 keyboard amp.

The clips were recorded live using the built-in mics on my Zoom H4 from a foot or so in front of the KB/A 100. No additional processing was done post-recording.


Two RPs + G2NU Blues with power chords
Two RPs plus G2NU power chords with flanger