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Richard Hunter "New Country Stomp" acoustic harmonica solo

Solo concert performance of my piece “New Country Stomp”, filmed live at Agassiz Theatre, Cambridge, MA on June 5 2009. Played on a Lee Oskar Melody Maker harp in A.


6 Responses to “Richard Hunter "New Country Stomp" acoustic harmonica solo”

  1. BobbyC says:

    Love this song!!! Do you use alot of tongue blocking? I have been playin harp for a year or two and just kinda taught myself. Is it possible to play the harp really good without the tongue block?

  2. Richard Hunter says:

    Yes, I tongue block a lot. You can’t do the kinds of big chords you hear on my pieces without it. Yes, you can play well without a tongue block–players like Butterfield and Musselwhite have done a lot of good work without it. Sooner or later you’ll learn how to block, and it’ll open up a few new avenues for you to explore.

  3. Cool! I missed your acoustic playing!

  4. Richard Hunter says:

    Thanks Boris, this is one of my favorites. Played in 2nd position on a Melody Maker harp. I especially like the big 10ths in the climax.

    I enjoy acoustic solo work; I’m just really into looping now, and you need more than one sound to make a compelling loop. And I must admit that I like those big sounds.

  5. Heath says:

    This is a super-cool, hoppy-catchy melody!

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