Digitech’s Tech Support is the Best. I Mean It.

I’ve been pissing and moaning a lot about my RP360XP the last few days. I think it’s only fair to note that the folks at Digitech Tech Support ( are the best I’ve dealt with just about anywhere. They are unfailingly prompt, polite, to the point, and accurate in their advice. When I have a problem I can’t solve, I go to them with full confidence that they’re going to help. Every time.

It’s easy to forget stuff like that when you’re struggling with a series of problems such as the ones I’ve had with the RP360XP in the last few days. So let it be said: Digitech’s tech support gets it right.

Now back to pissing and moaning…


One Response to “Digitech’s Tech Support is the Best. I Mean It.”

  1. Lance Monlux says:

    Thanks so much for the phone call. It seems like you are on top of your patch orders. Unfortunately for me something is not working as I still have not received an email with the RP 355 patch that I want so bad! I see that the email is correct. My web sight should be , but is my business email. Please send the patch to that email. I don’t know why it won’t get to my personal mail but please try to get it to me. Thanks

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