Digitech RP tips and tricks for harp players

img_6749-ph-3-splatter-deeper-redpink-cut-out-winner-half-size This page contains our tips and tricks for harp players using our patch sets for Digitech RPs. We add new tips to this page frequently, so if you're interested in getting the most from your RP, stop by every once in a while to see what's new. Tip#1: rearranging the patches in your patch set Tip #2: using two RPs Tip #3: Sounding like an organ with 1, 2, or 3 RPs Tip #4: Dealing with hardware failures Tip #5: How to connect the RP to everything Tip #6: Don't step on the RP (unless you really mean it) Tip #7: Stomp box mode is amazing Tip #8: Get loud Tip #9: It's a really good audio interface, especially for harp Tip #10: Turn up the PA before you turn up the output on the RP Tip #11: It's a very good delay and reverb box Tip #12: Dealing with zipper noise Tip #13: When all else fails, call Digitech Tip #14: Don't be afraid to buy a used RP Tip #15: Use the right power supply Tip #16: Three ways to record with your RP Tip #17: Yeah, you've got real time control Tip #18: When you need a tuner, you've got it Tip #19: Setting the RP up so you can play it like an organ Tip #20: When you open the door to new sounds, new roles for the harp come too Tip #21: When the RP gets flaky, do a factory reset Tip #22: How to set your RP up for multi-layered looping Tip #23: Use the Expression Pedal for SOMETHING Tip #24: Power surges and amp modelers don't mix well Tip #25: Amp Modelers Really Do Sound Better Through Keyboard Amps Tip #26: Set the AMP/MIXER Button