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  1. I hand build custom harmonica cases made to fit your specifications. Or I have standard ones, already made, ready to go. Available in Fender tweed, fender black, Marshall elephant print Black or white, red, green, blue and brown. Infact if theres a material/colour you want not listed here I can do that too. Choose from nickel/chrome or brass/gold fixings and choice of standard or special handles. Custom foam inserts designed with your needs in mind one to one. Standard boxes are 300x320x145mm. I can build as big or as small as you wish. This case will fit onto most microphone stands. Prices start from $96 amercian dollars. Message or email me if your interested, can send worldwide.

    If you follow this link you can see a selection of cases I have already made, with pictures of materials and handles etc. Website coming soon-

    Cheers, Chris

  2. Joel Baird says:

    Hey, Richard – I’m thoroughly enjoying my RP255 (I’m that pesky guitarist) – and was wondering if you have an opinion on how your patch sets sound played through a, say, hollowbody jazz box with a mini-humbucker?

    Merci tons,


  3. Richard Hunter says:

    Hi Joel,

    I’m a very novice guitarist myself, and the only guitar I’ve tried with the RPs is a solid body strat-type. Some of the v16 patches work well with that instrument. In general, my patches are lower-gain than the stuff Digitech supplies, so good for jazzier/rootsier styles. (For the heavy metal players, Digitech already supplies the goods. But last I heard, no one was playing metal on a hollowbody jazz guitar if they could help it.) Give it a try. If there’s not enough punch in a given patch, turn the GAIN up and see if that works for you.

    Thanks, RH

  4. Tom Richardson says:


    When will the patch set for the RP1000 be available. You stated it would be ready sometime in November. Almost three months have passed without it being available and without any update on your website about it. I bought the RP1000 in December and don’t want to use it for ny harmonica rig until I get those patches — you know how they need to be tweaked better than any one. I wouldn’t waste time reprogramming it without your knowledge. PLEASE!!!! … what is happening with those patches?

  5. Richard Hunter says:

    Hi Tom, I’ve been delayed on the RP1000 patch set because of family health issues. It’s still my top priority when I get a chance, and I’m shooting for the next month. Stay tuned. Regards, RH

  6. Richard Hunter says:

    Tom, I now have a full set of beta singles ready to be loaded to the 1000. if you’re interested in testing prior to official release, please advise.

  7. Lance Monlux says:

    Does anybody know if the digitech patch business is still running. I paid for a digitech rp 350 patch and the money was taken from my paypal account but I have sent several e-mails asking how to download the patches but have not received any reply about the purchase in over 3 weeks. If someone can reply to explain how you receive the patches and how long it usually takes it might help ease my mind and prolong me reversing the charge to paypal. I really want this patch and consider the price a deal.

  8. Richard Hunter says:

    Hi Lance, I sent you an email at your address just now. Your order was for an RP355 patch set, not an RP350, and we sent that patch set to you on April 19. Please check your spam filters to make sure that our emails to you will get through, and let us know whether the patch set is for the RP350 or the RP355 (they’re not the same!). Once we know which set is the right one, we’ll send it immediately. Let us know if you want us to use a different email address. Thanks! RH

  9. Hi Richard,
    I’m sitting on my new Zoom G3X pedal.
    Please email me when your patches are available for purchase.
    Regards Ted

  10. Richard Hunter says:

    Will do, thanks, RH

  11. Devin tifft says:

    Hello Richard,

    I am an intermediate skilled player (I think) … I have been playing for four years now, three of which were just jamming along to every song on the radio on a hohner weekender tremelo. After enough people said that I sounded good I bought A full set of harps and eventually a hoodoo box amp and hoodoo hand wireless mic set. I love it but really have no other benchmark to compare to. majority of what I play is basicly instrumental covers of classic rock (metallica, guns and roses , ac\dc, lynard skynard, creedence cleerwater revival, tom petty etc etc not really harp music but the music that I truly enjoy. after much research and stumbeling across your site I purchased a used rp360 no peddal but the price was decent. I play it through the hoodoo box with the wireless and was interested in what patches would work well with that setup in that style I’m more interested in a few individual patches with effects to run direct with what I have than amp models. I just play for fun no big shows in the near future but iI would love to enhance my ability to emulate guitar and vocals as it is how I play

  12. Richard Hunter says:

    Hi Devin,

    Our RP360 patch list will be available by end of week, and the patch set will be available at the same time. Most of the patches include some kind of amp modeling, which would not work well with the Hoodoo Box amp, given that the Hoodoo Box always applies distortion to the tone. However, you could turn off the amp modeling in the patches and just use the FX setups, which would help you get some interesting guitar-ish tones.

    I suggest that in the meantime you plug the 360 into the hoodoo box and see which of the factory presets seem to work for you. Be careful–a lot of those presets will produce heavy feedback with a mic, so keep the Hoodoo Box turned down while you audition the sounds.

  13. Devin tifft says:

    Thanks for the quick respones.

    I am interested are your patches available as singles or bulk only and I have no pc so can they be imputted manually? and I found by maxing the volume on my rp and my amp while setting my amp gain to a minumum allowed me to get pretty good results from the factory presets by setting the preset levels to 50 on all and saving them, supprisingly very little feedback with occaisional mic volume adjustments. but I’m still thinking it would sound great with the patches

  14. Richard Hunter says:


    The patches can’t be input manually–I don’t supply printed documentation for the patch setups. That’s a lot of work for me and zero value for almost everyone who buys the set. If you don’t have a PC, see if you can borrow one from a friend–it only takes a minute to download digitech’s software and install it, and then you’re in business.

    I only offer my patches as a bulk load. We might change that policy in future, but for now that’s it.

    Regards, Richard Hunter

  15. Devin tifft says:

    Got the patch set for the rp360… Lots of great sound in the set and I must say I am beyond pleased, for a few bucks more than the price of a special 20 you get a whole lotta bang for your buck… thanks for the awesome sounds and keep up the good work

  16. Richard Hunter says:

    Thanks Devin, much appreciated. RH


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