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We’ve shipped the first update to our Zoom G3 patchset!

Our first update to our patch set for Zoom G3 was released to our licensees today. For this update we've reconfigured a number of our basic bread-and-butter patches to be louder, clearer, and better able to reject feedback. We've also included an alternative layout for the patches that mixes up the bluesy, clean, and far-out patches for a different, thrilling kind of playing experience that changes the way you hear the harmonica. (Can you tell that this alternative layout is our favorite?)
The Zoom G3: we're gonna keep it fresh

The Zoom G3: we're gonna keep it fresh

We're committed to making sure that our patchsets give harmonica players the best sounds they can get, stuff that will let them approach any performance with the confidence that their setup will sound great no matter the style. We're glad to offer this free update to subscribers who've licensed our patch set within the last 12 months (which at this point is all subscribers, because we began offering the set in late January 2015, i.e. less than one year ago). This version will be standard for licensees going forward (pending further updates, of course).

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A Little (Harmonica) Organ Music for Christmas

As I have for a while now, I'm exploring the sounds I can make with a harmonica and two amp modelers running in parallel. I recorded this piece with a Digitech RP500 running a patch that combines a Champ amp model with a rotary speaker, paired with a patch on the Vox Stomplab IG that includes a low octave, an autowah, and a tough amp model. There are some subtle and not-so-subtle things going on here. Read more

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RP Tip #26: Set the AMP/MIXER Button

Digitech RPs have a button on the back panel labeled “Amp/Mixer.” We get a lot of questions about that button, all of which boil down to “which way should I set that button?” To answer that question we need to start with “what exactly does that button do?” Read more

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We’re ending development of new patches for recently discontinued Digitech RPs

We've been making patchsets for the Digitech RPs since the early 2000s, when we started with the RP200. We've designed some great sounds for these devices, and we'll continue to do so. However, when a manufacturer stops making a device, there's no point in continuing to develop new sounds for it. And that's what Digitech's done with their RP line from the 355 on down. They're all discontinued. Read more

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RP500 Patch Update #1 is Here!

Our first update to the Huntersounds patch set for Digitech RP500 was shipped to all our RP500 licensees today (16 October 2015). This update contains 23 patches, all designed to make full use of the RP500's array of footswitches to enable a player to easily add or subtract multiple FX from the mix in real time. It's a live performer's one-stop solution for a box full of big, colorful sounds coupled with plenty of realtime control. I even included some stuff to help loopers build fat layers of tones from the ground up.
Digitech RP500: uh huh

Digitech RP500: uh huh

I guess my pride is showing, but y'know, I really like the RP500, and I'm delighted to share my latest setups with our licensees. If you've previously purchased our patch set for RP500 and have since changed your email address, please send us an email that includes your old and new email addresses, and we'll make sure you get the update. Our next step is to set these sounds up for the RP1000, followed by the RP360. Stay tuned.

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New Huntersounds RP500 patches coming in 2 weeks!

I've been steadily developing a new set of patches for the Digitech RP500, whose stompbox-inspired footswitch setup begs for patches that include every category of effect Digitech puts in the box. Read more

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Recording My First Country Session With the RP360XP

No, this isn't about recording my first country session, just the first one with the Digitech RP360XP. Read more

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Now That I’m Playing Loud Rock & Roll Again, I’m Blowing Out My Seydels

I've been playing mostly acoustic music onstage and in the studio for a while now, and my harps have held up very well. But in the rehearsals for the Battle of the Bands in Cleveland, I've been playing loud rock and roll, and it's showing in wear and tear on the harps. The two harps I use most with Gartner in the Cloud are a Seydel Session Steel in D and a Seydel 1847 Classic in A. One of the blow reeds on the 1847 has dropped in pitch 2-3 cents, and the draw 4 reed on the Session Steel went a half step flat last night. Sheesh. I've ordered extra reed plates for the 1847 and an 1847 Classic to replace the Session Steel. But it's still spooky. These harps are loud and tough, equipped with stainless steel reeds. Am I really blowing that hard? Apparently. Y'know, when you're surrounded with big guitars, you tend to play harder even when you can already hear yourself well (which, in fairness to me, I can't always do in rehearsals with this band). I've just got to throttle it back and go for deep rather than loud.

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